Supporting risk research and the dissemination of risk-related knowledge


Final Report by Marie-Pier Bergeron-Boucher

by Yann Coatanlem, Chief Executive Officer at DataCore Innovations LLC and member of the board of the Paris...

The SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science invests in innovative risk management research and development. This includes a system known as LastQuake that helps to assess the impact of an earthquake much sooner than traditional methods. This is part of the Social Media, Citizen Seismology and Reducing Earthquake Risk Project led by EMSC (European Mediterranean Seismological Centre). Read more


The Foundation is part of SCOR's long-term commitment to risk research and the dissemination of risk-related knowledge

Funded Projects

As its name indicates, the objective of the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science is to support scientific research. The Foundation may lend its support to various kinds of risk and (re)insurance-related projects, including university chairs, research projects, conferences and publications.

Conference "Biodiversity and (Re)Insurance"
Actuarial awards
Annual Actuarial Awards, in partnership with the French Institute of Actuaries
Risks of death at extreme old ages
The Development of Actuarial Science in Tunisia
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Projects seeking the support of the SCOR Corporate Foundation may be addressed to:

SCOR Corporate Foundation
5, avenue Kléber
75795 Paris Cedex 16