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Cookies & Privacy

Cookies & Privacy

SCOR respects your privacy and undertakes to protect your personal data. SCOR processes your data in a fair and transparent manner.



You will be able to find more information about the processing of personal data by SCOR at





This policy tells you what cookies are placed on your terminal when you visit our site, what information we collect through these cookies or what information is collected by third parties and how we use this information. This policy relating to cookies and trackers also aims to inform you of your rights, in particular with regard to your right to object to the processing.

1.    What is a cookie ?

Cookies and trackers are small text files placed on your terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.) by a website. When you visit certain pages of our website to search, play videos or download information, we collect and store for a limited time certain information related to your visit through cookies. 

2.    What are the cookies used by our site?

The cookies used on this site are set by SCOR or by third parties.

2.1. Cookies issued by SCOR and its host service provider

We use cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of the site (so-called "technical" cookies). They are used by the host service provider to manage the site and for security purposes. They also allow you to use the essential functions of the site and cannot therefore be deactivated.

For these cookies SCOR and the publisher of our website are responsible for the data processing. 

These are the technical cookies we use :

Name of Cookie Purpose of processing Description of the Cookie Period of validity
SESS* Allow user identification during navigation This Cookie designed to identify the current user session and allow interaction with the site. This cookie is sent with each user request to identify their session. 23 days
cookie-agreed Allow to register the choice expressed by the user of the site concerning the use of cookies.    This cookie stores your cookie preferences 100 days
cookie-agreed-categories Allow to register the choice expressed by the user of the site concerning the use of cookies.  This cookie records which services are allowed. 100 days
cookie-agreed-version Allow to register the choice expressed by the user of the site concerning the use of cookies This cookie stores the version of the cookie management module. 100 days
visid_incap_* Security of Website This cookie is used by the firewall to uniquely identify a client. It can be reused during several sessions. 1 year
incap_ses_* Security of Website This cookie is used by the firewall to associate a session with a client. A session corresponds to a visit to the site. Remains active as long as the browser remains open


2.2. Cookies published by third parties

We use cookies issued by third parties for the purposes set out below. Their use is subject to your consent and to the confidentiality rules determined by these third parties.

2.2.1 Cookies set by YouTube (video access and streaming)

YouTube is used by our site to host and display video content. These cookies are set by YouTube to track the use of their services.

For more information you can read YouTube's terms of use for cookies  How Google uses cookies – Privacy & Terms – Google

Name of Cookie Purpose of processing Description of the Cookie Period of validity
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Functional A cookie that YouTube sets to measure your bandwidth to determine whether you have the new or old interface. 6 months
YSC Statistics This cookie is set by YouTube video on pages with embedded YouTube videos. It records a unique identifier to keep statistics on the videos the user has viewed Remains active as long as the browser remains open



2.2.2 Cookies set by Pardot

Pardot is a marketing service provided by Salesforce Inc. ("Salesforce"), to assist SCOR in understanding the use of its websites.

Name of Cookie Purpose of processing Description of the Cookie Period of validity
scor_pardot_* Gathering of information about the content useful to the user

Allows the user who wishes to download or view protected content from our website to be identified for the next connection and to know what content you are interested in.

Pardot Cookies and Activity Tracking (

365 days

3. How your consent is collected? 

When you first visit our site, you are informed about the use of cookies and are offered the opportunity to accept the use of certain cookies, thanks to the display of a dedicated banner. If you expressly accept, you consent to the use of cookies on your terminal. You can set the parameters of the cookies that you authorize and modify your choices at any time. If you expressly refuse, we do not place cookies on your terminal. 

4. How is your right to object to cookies managed?

If you do not want cookies to be used on your terminal through our site, an opt-out cookie will be placed on your equipment so that we can record the information that you have objected to the use of cookies. If you delete this refusal cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having refused the use of cookies.



5. Removal of cookies

You can de-activate cookies used on SCOR website by selecting parameters on your web browser.

These parameters allow you to : 
  • Systematically oppose all cookies or refuse it case by case
  • Be notified when cookie is dropped on your computer, and accept it case by case
Please mind that de-activating some cookies will prohibit you to use functions of the SCOR website. 
You will find how to access the configuration menu of your browser below: 
The ‘Help’ menu of your browser can bring you indications on the subject. 
Microsoft Edge:

In Edge, select “Settings and more “ in the upper right corner of your browser window. 
Select “Settings” then “Privacy, search, and services.”.
Under “Cookies and data stored,” select “Manage and delete cookies and site data” then “See all cookies and site data” and search for the site whose cookies of the website “SCOR” you want to delete.
Select the “down arrow” to the right of the site whose cookies you want to delete and select “Delete”.
Cookies for the site you selected will now be deleted. Repeat this step for any site whose cookies you want to delete. 

Click on the section ‘Tools’ of your browser and then select the options menu. 
In the window that is displayed, choose ‘Privacy’ and click on ‘View all cookies’. 
Detect files including ‘SCOR’. Select the files that you want deleted and click on ‘Remove’. 
Google Chrome:
Click on the icon and then open the parameters menu. 
Click on ‘Open the advanced settings’. 
In the menu ‘Confidentiality’, click on the section ‘Content parameters’. A window named ‘Content parameters’ will display.
Under the ‘Cookies’ tab, 4 options allows a global management of the cookies. 
For a detailed management, click on ‘Manage the exceptions’. 
To display the list of the cookies placed on your computer, click on ‘Cookies and website data’. Then you can select SCOR cookies that you want deleted and click the cross on the right of cookies title to remove it. 
Click on ‘OK’ to get back your browser.
Appendix 1 & 2 [add_to_cart:32843] : SCOR Companies by Location that Process Non-Employee Personal Data and the Mechanism of Protection for Intra-Group Transfers of Personal Data and the List of countries of Retrocessionnaires.



6. Disable Matomo tracking