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SCOR-PSE Annual Conference of the “Macroeconomic Risk” Chair, September 17, 2021

SCOR-PSE Chair Conference (September 16-17 | PSE Macro Days 2021)

PSE Chair

The conference was held at PSE - Paris School of Economics 

  • Welcome address by Philippe Trainar, Director of the SCOR Foundation for Science
  • A Model of Post-2008 Monetary Policy
  • A Model of Credit, Money, Interest, and Prices
  • Falling Interest Rates and Credit Misallocation: Lessons from General Equilibrium
  • The Effect of Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Household Spending
  • Zero Lower Bound on Inflation Expectations
  • Keynote Lecture: Is an inflation disaster around the corner?

Click here for more details and further information.

Click here to attend the conference on YouTube or via the conference page (Full programme - September 16-17 | PSE Macro Days 2021).