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SCOR-TSE “Risk Markets & Value Creation” Chair - Activity Report

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Activity Report


Since 2008, the SCOR "Risk Markets and Value Creation" Chair has supported theoretical and applied research at TSE on regulation of insurance markets and risk management, combining methods from financial economics, industrial organization and econometrics.  Read more

SCOR teams are in constant contact with TSE researchers. At regular intervals and mini­ mum once a year, a steering committee meeting allows researchers to present their re­ sults, and SCOR representatives to express their research needs. lt also determines the orientation of applied research to meet the needs of SCOR management.

The primary role of the TSE economists is to help SCOR understand how risk transforms and influences economic decision-making hence contributing to the long-term strategy of the enterprise.

The Chair has been renewed in 2020 and the relations between the Toulouse researchers and the SCOR teams have led to new research themes:

  • Behavioural Economics
  • Green Challenges for Long-term lnvestments
  • Health Economies and Aging


Published Works

Workshop Presentations


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