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TSE - SCOR Foundation for Science Journal - June 2024

Risk Markets and Value Creation Chair


Managing risk and uncertainty is crucial to good decision-making, whether by individuals, firms or policymakers. Supporting cutting-edge research in this area since 2008, TSE’s collaboration with one of the world’s largest reinsurers was recently renewed for another three years. The partnership’s Scientific Director Stéphane Villeneuve shares a few thoughts on the success of SCOR’s engagement with the scientific community in Toulouse and on current and future projects developed with the support of the SCOR Foundation for Science.

TSE economists involved in the activities of the SCOR “Risk Markets and Value Creation” Chair have developed new research aimed at better understanding how risk transforms and influences economic decisions. The Chair’s team of 15 researchers focuses on producing both theoretical and applied research on risk sharing, combining methodologies from financial economics, industrial organization, and econometrics. Their hard work is now reflected in a substantial list of academic publications on topics of great interest to the insurance sector. We are currently focused on addressing longevity risk, long-term care and social insurance, as well as risk attitudes and risk mechanisms. Where does the partnership between the SCOR Foundation and TSE currently stand?


Journal Contents:

Research highlights

  • Shining with the stars
  • Life expectancy, income and long-term care

Events and Prizes

  • Sustainable Finance Conference
  • Public Economics and Ageing Conference
  • SCOR-EGRIE Young Economist Best Paper Award
  • SCOR-The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review Best Paper Award

Scientific contributions

  • Articles in peer-reviewed journals  
  • Working papers


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