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The mission of the Foundation is to support scientific research

The SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science lends its support to various kinds of risk and (re)insurance-related projects, including university chairs, research projects, conferences and publications.


The Scientific Board of the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science, which is composed of recognized scientists from various disciplines, is responsible for directing the Foundation towards suitable areas of intervention from the main projects submitted for consideration, in line with its long-term strategy.

The SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science supports research in key areas of risk analysis: climate risks and their insurability, coastal flood forecasting, natural risks linked to forage crops, risk modeling in general, Alzheimer’s disease, pandemics, infectious diseases, emerging infectious diseases, genetic tuberculosis treatment, the prevention of monkeypox, the modeling of life expectancy and mortality, meteorite risks, motor insurance throughout the world, pension funds, best practice in terms of risk management, the predictability of earthquakes, behavior following earthquakes, and more recently in 2020, genetic research on COVID-19 and the impact of climate risks on Non-Life insurers.   

Risk is the “raw material” of reinsurance, and SCOR stays at the cutting edge of risk expertise and research through its vast network of academic institutions, as well as through the support it provides to numerous disciplines including:

  • Actuarial
  • Demographics
  • Economy & Finance
  • Natural Events & Environment 
  • Health & Long-Term Care
  • Risk Cover & Risk Management