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Interim Report of the project: “Aligning competitive morbidities and causes of early onset deaths”


This project is led by Olivier Cussenot, Professor of Urology and Director of the Center for Research on Prostatic and Urological Pathologies (CeRePP) in Paris. Running from 2023-2025, it has the following objectives:  

  • Integration of genetic markers in the estimation of competitive morbidity and mortality using data from cohorts of men followed for twenty years. Define subsets of genetic markers and predictive algorithms useful for personalized screening, and interventional prevention.

  • Define strategies useful for causal inference in prostate diseases.  

In this report, the researchers propose a new approach for designing causal epidemiological studies of prostate cancer when it is not possible to carry out randomised studies. This approach makes it possible to differentiate confounding factors from true causal factors by using opposing selection biases and genetic markers to anchor causality. This descriptive analysis of a large population of around 5 million men is the first step towards the next stages of the project, regarding co-morbidities and mortality in competition with prostate cancer, and their alignment using genetic markers.


Articles published in the journal "European Urology Oncology", "Wolters Kluwer Health" ...


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