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Funded Projects

As its name indicates, the objective of the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science is to support scientific research. The Foundation may lend its support to various kinds of risk and (re)insurance-related projects, including university chairs, research projects, conferences and publications.

Fairness of predictive models
Fairness of predictive models: an application to insurance markets
The effects of inflation on insurers’ performance and value
The effects of inflation on insurers’ performance and value
Green Innovation
Green Innovation to fight Climate Change
Aligning competitive morbidities and causes of early onset deaths
Who, When, and Where? Assessing Mortality Risk of Climate Change
Covid19 - Cancer
Estimating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on breast cancer
Risks of death at extreme old ages
POSEIDON Project on Alzheimer’s disease
Effects of Climate Risks on Non-Life Insurer_shutterstock_1369326020
Effects of Climate Risks on Non-Life Insurers' Resilience
A One Health Study of Monkeypox_shutterstock_739418653
A One Health Study of Monkeypox: Human Infection, Animal Reservoir, Disease Ecology, and Diagnostic Tools
Monogenic basis of resistance to SARS-CoV2_AdobeStock_333508830
Monogenic basis of resistance to SARS-CoV2 and predisposition to severe COVID-19
Social Media, Citizen Seismology and Reducing Earthquake Risk
Coherent mortality forecasts_AdobeStock_308028924
Coherent mortality forecasts by cause of death and disability level
Satellite-based Forage Insurance_shutterstock_1188478501
Satellite-based Forage Insurance
Global Earthquake Forecasting System shutterstock_1117133324
Global Earthquake Forecasting System (GEFS)
Modelling and forecasting age-specific death rates at older ages
Immunity in tuberculosis_AdobeStock_189983720
Immunity in tuberculosis and new immune treatments
Compendium of best practices in Risk Management_AdobeStock_230260256
Compendium of best practices in Risk Management
The demand for reinsurance_shutterstock_1101480266
Reinsurance demand and liquidity creation : A search for bi-causality
COASTRISK: Assessing future risks faced by assets in global coastal areas, to determine viable adaptation investments under extreme sea level rise scenarios