The Development of Actuarial Science in Tunisia

The Development of Actuarial Science in Tunisia

Financed by the SCOR Foundation, the project is designed to develop training and research in Tunisia, with a view to creating an actuarial community that meets international requirements. 

Duration of the project: 2018-2022 (currently underway)


In September 2018, the SCOR Corporate Foundation for Science and Paris-Dauphine University signed a partnership agreement, “Développement de l’actuariat en Tunisie” (the development of actuarial science in Tunisia), with the aim of developing actuarial expertise across the country and disseminating risk knowledge and skills to a wide audience. 

The project put forward by Paris-Dauphine University and Institut Tunis Dauphine more specifically focuses on four training objectives: 

  • To develop and sustain the basic actuarial training launched in September 2014; 
  •  To provide lifelong training for its graduates;
  • To boost training for insurance professionals in Tunisia; 
  • To embed such training in the Tunisian corporate landscape, by maintaining and strengthening links between the basic training and Tunisian insurance companies.   

The project also builds on a training program offered by the Institut Tunis Dauphine – Tunisia’s only training program in the process of being accredited by the IAA (International Actuarial Association). Strong educational cooperation with Paris-Dauphine University provides a solid scientific foundation.

The project is also designed to constitute a regional actuarial science training and research hub for North Africa.

It will help to reinforce the skills of North African insurers. 


  • "Rapport pédagogique & scientifique" (French) | Read the PDF